[Mailman-Users] Mirror mailing list with web forum

Jon 1234 jon.1234 at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Apr 17 01:06:01 CEST 2014

I'd be interested in how others have implemented this. Here are the options I've identified so far, with some questions.

* FUDforum - http://www.fudforum.org/forum/

This is a forum with a 'mailing list manager' admin page. For me, the script to send list emails to the web forum only works from the command line, and I can't get postfix to pipe emails to that script (or, at least, I can't get the script to do anything). 

Has anyone got over that problem? I've asked on their own forum but no response yet. 

* Groupserver - http://groupserver.org/

It looks like an absolute beast to install but is a combined mailing list/web forum. I would would prefer not to leave Mailman so wonder...

When is Mailman 3 likely to be released (roughly) and - if that is ages away - what are the chances of being able to migrate 'back' from Groupserver to Mailman 3? 

* PHPBB - https://www.phpbb.com/

They say there is no mailing list feature with version 3. 

* Tikiwiki CMS Groupware - https://info.tiki.org/ 

This has a forum which apparently can mirror a Mailman list - has anyone tried this? 

Sorry for all the questions. Answers to any of them would be appreciated!

Best wishes


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