[Mailman-Users] Yahoo's DMARC and Mailman 2.17

Russell Clemings rclemings at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 04:16:36 CEST 2014

I'm afraid I'm not much of a Python programmer so I will post this as a
suggestion and hope it's easy enough to do so that someone will pick it up.
(Or should I post it to the developers' list? I don't subscribe to it
though so I'm not familiar with the culture there.)

I've just upgraded cPanel to take advantage of Mailman 2.1.17's
"from_is_list" feature and it works great except for one thing.

If the poster has not filled out the "name" field in his/her MUA (i.e., if
the From field says just "email at example.com" instead of "Your Name Here <
email at example.com>"), then the munged From field reads "via Listname"
instead of "Your Name Here via Listname."

If I'm reading the code right, it looks as if the munging occurs at line
132 of CookHeders.py:

formataddr(('%s via %s' % (realname, mlist.real_name),

I'd like to make a humble feature request as follows:

1. Check whether the From field has a name and email address or just an
email address (i.e., whether "realname" is an empty string).

2. If it has a name and email address, go ahead and munge it as it is done
     formataddr(('%s via %s' % (realname, mlist.real_name),

3. If there is only an email address, have it use the email address (or
maybe just the local part?) instead:
     formataddr(('%s via %s' % (email, mlist.real_name),

The "realname" and "email" variables appear to come from line 120:
     realname, email = parseaddr(msg['from'])

Does that sound reasonable?

This would be useful to me because I'm using Drupal (Mailhandler and Feeds)
to archive some lists and I populate the "Submitted by" line with the From
field. So whereas it usually says "Submitted by Your Name Here via
Listname," it just says "Submitted by via Listname" if the user didn't fill
out the MUA's name field.

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