[Mailman-Users] Q : Is there a possibility to localize / customize the standard Mailman lists home page / UI look ?

Jacques Setton jsetton at waycast.com
Wed Apr 30 13:35:41 CEST 2014

Currently, when choosing a specific local language (French in our case) for
Mailman' lists user interface, I have noticed that the standard home page
(for example the one depicted by 'lists.domain.org/mailman/listinfo')
remains in the English language. Would there be a possibility to localize
that page as well ? 


While being on this topic, I'd like also to know if it is possible to
customize the general look & feel of the display UI say, at the minimum,
eventually replace or add a custom logo at the level of the Mailman/Python
logos appearing at the bottom of each page ?


Many thanks for any guidance on such localization/customization aspect of
the UI.


- - - 


Jacques Setton

jsetton at wacyast.com 


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