[Mailman-Users] Disappearing messages

Robert P. Schwartz rpschwar at knology.net
Wed Apr 30 14:50:36 CEST 2014

I am having a same problem with Yahoo messages.  If I send a message from my
Yahoo account and have "ack" set for the users, I get the acknowledgment
that the message was sent but not the actual message.  This has been
happening for about the last month.

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I run a forum on Ibiblio and am seeing a strange phenomenon lately. Messages
are dropping off for certain users like AT&T, sbcglobal, etc. Gmail 
users are seeing
these messages as Spam, but others are seeing nothing.  Strangely, these 
do appear in the Archives of Ibiblio.  Many of these messages are sent 
from AOL
subscribers and Yahoo.  I am being told that AOL and Yahoo are appending 
things to their headers which makes them incompatible with standard 
Whatever, Ibiblio seems to accept these messages and attempts to send 
them out.
They either wind up in Spam folders or never appear, at all.

Unfortunately, if these messages are being filtered by some server, some 
of our users
are not aware that they were even sent and no error messages are generated.

I would like to know what is happening to these missing messages that do 
not show up
in Inbox's, Spam Folders, or Trash Folders.  Do I tell our AOL users to 
stop sending
messages to our forum?

                     Sherwin Dubren
                     Administrator of Midfex Forum on Ibiblio
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