[Mailman-Users] Excessive bounces to list members on my list

Larry Kuenning larry at qhpress.org
Wed Apr 30 16:20:15 CEST 2014

On 4/30/2014 9:20 AM, Larry Finch wrote:

>>> They are also rewriting From: headers in outgoing googlegroups posts
>>> whose original From: address is in a domain with DMARC p=reject.
>> Is yahoo doing the same thing for yahoo groups?
> Yahoo doesn’t have to. Mail from a Yahoo group already has a Yahoo domain in the From field - the group address.

Yahoo doesn't have to, but not for that reason.  Yahoo groups don't put 
the Yahoo domain into the From line.  They leave the original sender's 
address there (whether it's a Yahoo address or not).  Or at least that's 
how they were handling it the last time anyone posted to a Yahoo group 
I'm subscribed to, though that was before this DMARC p=reject business 

I think the reason Yahoo groups don't have to rewrite the From line is 
that even if the original sender uses an @yahoo address, passing the 
message through a Yahoo groups server won't break the DMARC tests 
because it's still a yahoo server and therefore "aligns" with the 
original From address.  Or so I understand it:  Mark or somebody correct 
me if I'm wrong?

But now I wonder what happens if a user with an @aol address posts to a 
Yahoo group.  Will it run afoul of AOL's p=reject policy?  If I still 
had an AOL address I'd be tempted to try this just to see what happens.

Larry Kuenning
larry at qhpress.org

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