[Mailman-Users] Bug in Mailman version 2.1.15

Richard Ibbotson richard.ibbotson at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 22:54:31 CEST 2014


I know that this has been going around the internet lately.  I've done 
the usual web search.  Not really found anything that might work for 
me.  I've installed a CentOS 7 web server.  I'm building a site around 
it. Mailman is my list management software.  I've used it for more 
than ten years.  Would like to keep using it.  

After installing the standard CentOS 7 package with yum I did..... 'cd 
/usr/lib/mailman' and 'bin/update'.  This installed Mailman 2.1.15. 
Which then told me after 'service mailman start' ...

" Bug in Mailman version 2.1.15. We're sorry, we hit a bug!
Please inform the webmaster for this site of this problem. Printing of 
traceback and other system information has been explicitly inhibited, 
but the webmaster can find this information in the Mailman error logs. 

Alright.  So, I've stopped knocking my head against the desk now.  
/var/log/messages says...

" Aug 15 16:15:01 localhost systemd: Started Session 452 of user 
Aug 15 16:20:01 localhost systemd: Created slice user-41.slice.
Aug 15 16:20:01 localhost systemd: Starting Session 453 of user 
Aug 15 16:20:01 localhost systemd: Started Session 453 of user 
Aug 15 16:23:50 localhost systemd: Stopping GNU Mailing List 

/var/log/mailman/error says....

admin(14216): [----- Mailman Version: 2.1.15 -----]
admin(14216): [----- Traceback ------] 
admin(14216): Traceback (most recent call last):
admin(14216):   File "/usr/lib/mailman/scripts/driver", line 112, in 
admin(14216):     main()
admin(14216):   File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/Cgi/admin.py", line 
104, in main
admin(14216):     cgidata.getvalue('adminpw', '')):
admin(14216):   File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/SecurityManager.py", 
line 234, in WebAuthenticate
admin(14216):     ok = self.CheckCookie(ac, user)
admin(14216):   File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/SecurityManager.py", 
line 327, in CheckCookie
admin(14216):     return self.__checkone(c, authcontext, user)
admin(14216):   File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/SecurityManager.py", 
line 333, in __checkone
admin(14216):     key, secret = self.AuthContextInfo(authcontext, 
admin(14216):   File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/SecurityManager.py", 
line 121, in AuthContextInfo
admin(14216):     sitepass = Utils.get_global_password()
admin(14216):   File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/Utils.py", line 410, in 
admin(14216):     fp = open(filename)
admin(14216): IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 
admin(14216): [----- Python Information -----] 
admin(14216): sys.version     =   2.7.5 (default, Jun 17 2014, 

Can anyone make a suggestion as to how to get this to work for me ?  
Perhaps I can just completely remove mailman and reinstall from the 
default CentOS 7 package ?  Is there a downgrade option so that I 
could fix it that way ?

Sheffield UK


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