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Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Aug 17 23:29:34 CEST 2014

On August 17, 2014 11:32:52 AM PDT, Mark J Bradakis <mark at bradakis.com> wrote:
>Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> On 08/16/2014 08:34 PM, Mark J Bradakis wrote:
>>> Indeed. I can go to the listinfo page, click on the archives for the
>>> lists, browse the archives, no problem.
>> And after doing this is the list's data_version still 98? If so, I
>suspect some permissions issue or something like that?
>Yes, the data_version remains unchanged. The first thing I did was run
>check_perms, nothing showed up there.
>> What's in Mailman's 'error' log?
>Actually something did change. Instead of 'from_is_list' the error now
>is 'dmarc_moderation_action'
>>> Go to get a password reminder mailed to me, it claims to work but
>>> nothing is actually sent out.
>> This can happen if the email address you entered is not a list
>member. What's in Mailman's 'mischief' log?
>I used an address I know is a list member, nothing related to it in
>mischief log.
>The last time I had a really weird problem like this it turned out to
>be some bad disk blocks in the mailman tree.
>I may take the machine to single user and do some disk checks.

This is really weird. A few things come to mind. Perhaps data_version in the file is not a integer but Is a string or something with some white space that compares greater than 10 4.

Maybe there is some hardware or system disk caching problem.

If you installed from a package you might contact the packager.

Otherwise you might compare your Mailman/MailList.py and Mailman/versions.py with the ones in the source tarball.

I am now going off line for 2 weeks.

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