[Mailman-Users] Fwd: Mailing list lag to SOME users

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Aug 19 19:56:34 CEST 2014

Kevin Carpenter writes:

 > I have a somewhat large mailing list, about 1700 users, that is 
 > generally working just fine.  However, some users are seeing LONG delays 
 > (like 4+ hours) on mail delivery while other users, in the same 
 > organization, get sub-minute delivery.

By "same organization", you mean the sender, the mailman host, and the
recipients all work for/are members of the same organization?

By "some users" you mean some users always have long delays, and the
others don't?  Some users sometimes have long delays, sometimes not?

FWIW, the "four hours" sounds like some host is greylisting.  If so,
it should be visible in the logs, as a temporary failure for the
message which then ends up in the queue, and getting retried about
four hours later, when it goes through.

 > Specifically, the step 6 delay in the header analysis below is
 > typically 2 seconds.

I don't see anything at all below.  This list strips many kinds of

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