[Mailman-Users] Mailman is being a processor sponge.... very slow delivery...

Ecklund, Morgan Morgan.Ecklund at state.vt.us
Fri Aug 29 21:28:15 CEST 2014

Hello Listers,
I migrated to a VMware ESXI environment  from an old P3/512 MB mailman server (RedHat/sendmail, mailman had been upgraded to 2.1.x (I think)).
The new environment is CentoOS 6.2 Postfix Mailman 2.1.16rc2.
The new mailman environment is a processor sponge (clearly not an all-natural hand collected sponge either)
So we noticed right off the bat that Mailman was maxing the processor and filling memory and later I found that it was filling up the hard drive...
I had the ESXI admin add another processor and memory.
Fixed the memory problem. Mailman.py is still taking up of 90 % of one processor.

I sent a message at 10 :50 AM I can see from the maillog that it was received by the server at 10:50
and at 3:24 I have still not received the message that it is being moderated.
Where is it hung up how can I clear it out?

Morgan Ecklund

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