[Mailman-Users] Conceal list address?

Cedric Knight cedric at gn.apc.org
Sun Aug 31 22:13:40 CEST 2014


I'm a site admin.  A list owner is using their list to send a newsletter
to 30,000 recipients, with emergency moderation on, and an explicit
Reply-To, and "anonymous_list".

Some recipients if they need to reply will use "Reply", which usually
goes to the intended sender.  However, some will use "Reply All" or
"Reply List" which will send a copy to the list address.  These messages
are held for moderation.

The problem arises because it seems one of the list moderators tends to
approve all pending replies - replies, Out of office messages,
invitations to social networks.  Despite repeated requests, undesired
messages are continuing to be approved, which of course can confuse and
annoy recipients.

What I'd like to do is rewrite From and To lines to be the editorial
address, like the Reply-To, so that the list address does not appear in
the visible headers.  Is there any way to do this in Mailman?  (If not,
I'm likely to do it in Postfix, and RFC 5321 3.7.1 seems to say this is



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