[Mailman-Users] Inconsistent Message Delivery -- Hosted

Charlene Ruell cruell at climatenetwork.org
Tue Dec 2 05:51:16 CET 2014

Hello all,


This message is rather urgent as I am currently at a large event that is
utilizing mailman for its communications. 


The issue: users are sending messages to the lists, but not all users
receive the message. There are not specific addresses affected, nor is it
the same people that experience the issue every time. From what we can tell
it is NOT a SPAM issue.


I am desperately trying to find a common denominator or a way to diagnose
the issue. The settings are the same for all users and there are no
exclusion options checked. 


We are using a hosted option, so please keep that in mind. 


Any help would be amazingly appreciated.


Warm Regards,



Charlene Ruell

Program Assistant

Climate Action Network-International (CAN)

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