[Mailman-Users] Advantages

Gary Algier gaa at ulticom.com
Wed Dec 3 16:14:38 CET 2014

On 12/03/14 03:09, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> rex at rexgoode.com writes:
>   > I can think of a lot of advantages myself, but I'm wondering if anyone
>   > has seen a good list somewhere.
> There may be one on the wiki somewhere.
> Besides the points Barry made, I would add:
> 1.  Easier personal filtering.  Geeks can use the List-* headers,
>      non-geeks the Subject tags.
> 2.  Common spam filtering (including vacation messages :-).
> 3.  Common attachment filtering and storage.
> 4.  Vacation functionality (for those who are willing to log in and
>      set no-mail).
> 5.  Dupe filtering (for those who are willing to log in and set
>      not-me-too).
> 6.  Advanced distribution and archive functionality (coming in Mailman 3).
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I would add that mailing lists can hide all the members email addresses.

If someone is using Outlook and has it capturing email addresses of senders 
and other recipients in a "Suggested Contacts" address book and then they get 
hit by some malware that harvests these addresses, they will get all the 
individual list members and they can start sending Spam to these people.

If a mailing list is used, only senders and the list address appear.  You can 
even hide the sender behind the list keeping everyone anonymous.  The list can 
better deal with any Spam than what most individuals can.

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