[Mailman-Users] group mismatch error

David Benfell benfell at parts-unknown.org
Thu Dec 4 06:34:31 CET 2014

Hi all,

This seems to be a problem with a long pedigree. Perhaps something
should be done to make this easily fixable.

In my case, I'm running FreeBSD. I initially installed mailman from
ports, but I'm having way too much trouble with ports in general, and
so I am moving to the pkg system which does precompiled packages.

Apparently the maintainer for the pkg version decided to use a
different group than the ports maintainer.

I'm using postfix. I don't really see how postfix even runs the
script, let alone how to tell it to run it with a different group.

How do I fix this?

David Benfell <benfell at parts-unknown.org>
See https://parts-unknown.org/node/2 if you don't understand the
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