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Sun Dec 7 22:52:37 CET 2014

I suppose I should have added what I wanted you to look at. I don't  
think mailman reads minds, yet.

Disadvantages for Using Cc to Manage a Mailing List

1) The list of recipients can be added to without the recipient's permission.

2) Any recipient can delete an address from the list.

3) When the Cc list gets too long, Internet Service Providers will  
mark it as spam and all senders may be put in a blacklist.

4) If you want to be removed, everyone on the list has to take your  
address out of the Cc line.

5) If you want out, everyone replying to any message when you were in  
will put you back in.

6) You can't use your email program's filtering capabilities to keep  
your inbox clean.

7) If your computer gets hacked, hackers can mine harvest our  
addresses from your contact list.

Advanatages of a Software-Managed List

1) There is an archive of all past postings that can be searched by  
subscribers only.

2) The software provides spam filtering, protecting everyone's email  
addresses from spammers.

3) The software prevents us from getting each others' vacation messages.

4) The software prevents us from getting error messages when each  
others' mailbox is full or bounces.

5) Easier filtering in your email program, i.e., you can create a  
folder that only has the list's messages.

6) Each user can manage his own subscription, including turning  
delivery off when you go on vacation or want some peace and quiet from  
the discussion (and the archive will still be there when you want to  
turn it on again).

7) Numerous customizable options, such as:
        a standard footer (for confidentiality messages, etc)
        moderating tools,
        anonymizing addresses

8) Hides the email addresses of all members.

9) If you don't like getting every piece of email sent by subscribers,  
you can set yourself for digest mode, where you would only get one  
message per day that has every message for that day inside it.

Quoting rex at rexgoode.com:

> Hey, everyone. Thanks for your feedback on my request for  
> advantages/disadvantages of a mailing list over a Cc list.
> I came up with the following, based on your feedback, and reworded  
> in language I think my colleagues can understand.
> Would you look it over and tell me if I've misrepresented anything  
> or have left anything out?
> Rex
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