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Thu Dec 11 08:44:43 CET 2014

Agreed about Yahoo. I get lots of spam from friends who have had their  
Yahoo mail hacked. I finally convinced my wife to stop using Yahoo.

Quoting "Stephen J. Turnbull" <stephen at xemacs.org>:

> Keith Bierman writes:
>  > Obviously, since we're all here we've chosen mailman and related
>  > tools. But for a relatively small group of novices wouldn't the old
>  > egroups.com (taken over by yahoo ages ago, but lives on)
> Friends don't let friends use Yahoo! services.  They demonstrably have
> security issues, and they consider their security problems to be a
> justification for poor netizenship.  I've come to have a grudging
> respect for their postmaster staff (which I cannot say for AOL)[1],
> but I consider their management to be untrustworthy on their best
> days.
> I don't know about Google and Hotmail services.  It's possible they're
> subject to the same considerations as Yahoo! and AOL, but have been
> lucky so far.  Your guess is as good as mine, or better, maybe. :-)
>  > or google groups be an appropriate solution? They've got shared
>  > file areas, moderation, web and email interfaces, etc.
> And lock-in.  If you ever decide you want the amenities of a modern
> MLM like Mailman, getting your data back out of any of these services
> is not easy (compared to getting it out of Mailman, anyway -- at the
> very least, although you'll make Mark sad if you say you're migrating
> away from Mailman, it won't delay his helpful answer more than a few
> milliseconds).
> Agreed, those services are something to consider.  I've never been
> happy with them as a user, though.
> Footnotes:
> [1]  By which I mean the folks from these organizations I meet on the
> IETF mailing lists.
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