[Mailman-Users] Too many Received-SPF headers

Ian iansocool at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 23:13:07 CET 2014


First time posting to this list. I have an interesting situation that I
don't see anyone mention in the list archives, so I'm hoping someone can
help me out.

I maintain a server with a few domains. The server runs Plesk and Mailman.
There are about 50 mailing lists with number of subscribers ranging from a
couple people to a few hundred people. All work fine.

There is an additional list with around 2500 subscribers. Messages sent to
this list are being received with nearly 500 identical "Received-SPF: pass"
lines. Besides seeming odd, it's particularly problematic as some domains
are bouncing the emails because the header is too large.

The SPF lines look like this

> Received-SPF: pass (SERVER-HOSTNAME-HERE: localhost is always allowed.)
> client-ip=; envelope-from=BOUNCE-LIST-ADDRESS-HERE;

Where SERVER-HOSTNAME-HERE is our hostname and
BOUNCE-LIST-ADDRESS-HERE is the list's bounce address. For what it's
worth the server hostname and the domain of the list do not match.

This issue seems to be tied to the number of subscribers. We made a
new list with a few subscribers and messages looked fine. We added the
2500 subscribers to the list and we saw the plentiful Received-SPF:
pass entries.

Any ideas??

Thank you,


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