[Mailman-Users] Digest indexes

Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
Tue Dec 16 23:05:51 CET 2014

Would it work better for them if you adjusted digest_size_threshhold so they receive digests with fewer messages? I've never used this setting, so I'm assuming it will send more than one a day if enough messages arrive.

Unfortunately the setting is for the size of the digest in KB, not the number of messages in it, but it might work if the size of the messages doesn't vary much.

If you keep archives, another alternative might be to create a script to send daily archive links to them. They'd have to work out which messages were new, but it might work for them.

Peter Shute 

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> Hi,
> I run a high volume list (around 80 messages per day), and we 
> have complaints from digest users that the digests are 
> difficult to work with.  One requested feature is could the 
> digests be in HTML format, and a link be presented in the 
> table of contents to go to each message.  Can this be done in 
> Mailman by working with the digest templates?
> Thanks.
> Andrew.
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