[Mailman-Users] digest setting

Xie, Wei xie.47 at osu.edu
Fri Dec 19 18:26:25 CET 2014


I have a question about two our digest settings - how do the two settings work.

1) How big in Kb should a digest be before it gets sent out? 0 implies no maximum size.(Edit digest_size_threshhold) 1000

My understanding when total size of posted messages reaches 1000KB, the digest volume will be sent out to all digest users; when the size does not reach 1000KB, the digest volume will not be sent. Maybe within one day, digest users can receive multiply issues with same volume number; maybe within one day, digest uses do not receive any digest email.

2) Should a digest be dispatched daily when the size threshold isn't reached?(Edit digest_send_periodic) Yes

The setting lets me confusing. When above size threshold 1000KB isn't reached within one day, will all digest users receive a digest or not?  I do the tests - when size threshold is not reached, I can't receive digest volume every day. When size threshold is reached, I can receive multiply volumes within one day if I send enough many tests; or I can receive one digest volume with one day if I send emails over 1000KB; or I can receive one new digest volume within several days (How often should a new digest volume be started? Daily) if I send some small emails every day.

One of customers wants to receive daily digest volume every day. 

How do we set the above two settings?



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