[Mailman-Users] Robots.txt

Greg Sims greg at headingup.net
Fri Dec 26 18:21:59 CET 2014

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a good Christmas with friends and family.

We developed custom subscription pages for the mailing lists supported by
our website.  Although these pages show on our SERP listings, so do the
Info Pages provided by Mailman.  Please try the following search query on
Google and you will see what I mean:

site:raystedman.org email

This is confusing for our users so I would like to hide all the pages
containing "mailman" and "pipermail" from the SERP listings.

I read the archives of this list and found a couple of entries.  The answer
seems to be including "Disallows" in our robots.txt file.  I did this as
you can see here -- towards the bottom of the file:


This has been in place for four weeks so I do not believe it is working.  I
believe this problem is there needs to be a robots.txt file for each
subdomain.  In this case, mailman lives in the lists.raystedman.org
subdomain.  Is there a way to have a robots.txt file for the
lists.raystedman.org subdomain?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!  Greg

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