[Mailman-Users] RELEASED: GNU Mailman (core) 3.0b5

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Tue Dec 30 20:39:38 CET 2014

Hello friends of Mailman, and Happy New Year!

    You can roll that stone
    To the top of the hill
    Drag your ball and chain behind you

Once again, it's time for the traditional "avoid the copyright year bump"
release.  I'm happy to announce the fifth beta release of Mailman 3.0 core,
code named "Carve Away The Stone".

We're really quite close now, but this release is a little different.  Those
of you who follow the proceedings on the mailman-developers mailing list will
note that I have ported the core engine to Python 3.4.  While it is my intent
to release Mailman 3.0 core[*] final as a Python 3 application, some of the
details are still be hashed out on the mailing list, and in the code base.
For this reason, I am releasing two "flavors" of 3.0b5:

 * "A" release, which remains on Python 2.7
 * "B" release, which is only compatible with Python 3.4

The A and B releases are functionally equivalent.  There may be different bugs
in them, but they both implement the exact same feature set, with the only
difference being the version of Python they are compatible with.  Some time
early in 2015, I will be merging the Python 3 branch back into trunk, and
dropping Python 2 support.

I would encourage you to download the "B" release and try it out.  If you do
try both, please submit bugs for any functional differences you encounter.

You can download GNU Mailman 3.0b5 core (both "A" and "B" releases) from the
Python Cheeseshop:


The documentation is available online at:


Mailman 3.0 is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License
version 3 or later.

Detailed changes in 3.0b5 are available here:


Bugs can be reported here:


Special thanks go to Abhilash Raj and Aurélien Bompard, who implemented the
conversion of the ORM layer from Storm to SQLAlchemy and Alembic.  Thanks also
to Kurt Griffiths for his excellent Falcon Framework package, which now
replaces restish as our WSGI-compatible REST layer.  Both of these changes
were critical in allowing me to port the core to Python 3.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year.

[*] Postorious and HyperKitty will port to Python 3 on their own time
schedule, and may remain Python 2 applications for the final release of the
GNU Mailman Suite.  mailman.client, the standalone REST client will be a
bilingual library, supporting both Python 2 and Python 3.
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