[Mailman-Users] Why does iOS's Safari log out the moderator web page?

Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
Wed Feb 5 22:12:14 CET 2014

On 6 Feb 2014, at 5:22 am, "Peter Shute" <pshute at nuw.org.au> wrote:

>> My experience with Firefox mostly on various Linux, Mac and Windows
>> platforms is that it does not always offer to save passwords,
>> particularly those from financial institution websites, but it does
>> always offer to save Mailman passwords.
> Firefox offers to save the passwords to the same pages on a PC. I guess that means it's totally an iOS problem.

It's interesting though that none of the other iOS apps I've tried offer to save it either - Atomic Lite, Chrome, Dolphin and Opera. Unless each of these uses the same faulty API to determine whether to offer to save the password or not, there must be something different about the mailman page that's fooling them. Maybe the lack of a username field?

Can anyone confirm whether they've had the same experience? It's happening for me on two different servers, so I'm assuming it's universal.

Getting back to the original problem of the cookie expiring, I've now closed all the Safari tabs except the mailman one, and it has stayed logged in for over an hour, despite me using other apps in the meantime. 

Prior to iOS7, my solution to the problem was to use chrome exclusively for this mailman page so I could have a single tab open in that app, while using many tabs in Safari. That stopped working with iOS7, but perhaps later minor iOS updates have fixed it. I'll go back to this method for a few days to check if it's working again.

Peter Shute

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