[Mailman-Users] what happens when you duplicate a name in Mailman?

David Holden holden_cgaux at outlook.com
Sat Feb 8 22:21:08 CET 2014

Looked through for an answer to this and couldn't find it elsewhere.

If I add an email address to Mailman that's already on the list, will 
Mailman duplicate it, or will it do something else?

joe at domain is already on the list
joe at domain  is added by me (but is already on the list, remember?)

Does "joe" now get two messages from the list, or will the list just 
send me an error message saying, 'hey dummy, that's a duplicate'.

I've been tasked with adding a bulk of addresses to the list but it 
would be easier not to sort my list of people already on it.  I would 
like to take and just add everyone, including some who are probably 
already on it.  From a data entry perspective, it will be time consuming 
to sift and sort those already on it.

Clear as mud?


David M. Holden

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