[Mailman-Users] Adding list with new domain. Which alias set would I use

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Feb 11 23:32:37 CET 2014

On 02/11/2014 09:16 AM, George Kasica wrote:
> Currently have mailman working here with Postfix and MySQL and in the
> transport it has
> /etc/postfix/transport
> lists.netwrx1.org     mailman:
> I have a couple lists under the netwrx1.org domain here that are working
> well and aliases look like the below but they are all under the
> netwrx1.org setup:
> INSERT INTO aliases (mail,destination) VALUES
> ('skunk-works at netwrx1.org','skunk-works at lists.netwrx1.org'),
> I want to add a couple lists with their own domains...would the aliases
> look something like:
> INSERT INTO aliases (mail,destination) VALUES
> ('muffin at petdiabetes.net','muffin at lists.netwrx1.org'),
> OR would they be like this with the lists own domain and would I need to
> do anything to transport or another setting??
> INSERT INTO aliases (mail,destination) VALUES
> ('muffin at petdiabetes.net','muffin at lists.petdiabetes.net'),

Based on what I can glean from your prior posts, the above are not 
Postfix aliases, but rather Postfix virtual domain mappings. I.e. the 
first set map list addresses in the virtual netwrx1.org domain of the 
form skunk-works at netwrx1.org into addresses in the real 
lists.netwrx1.org domain of the form skunk-works at lists.netwrx1.org.

Then the transport mapping

lists.netwrx1.org     mailman:

Tells postfix to deliver mail to the lists.netwrx1.org domain via the 
mailman transport which is postfix_to_mailman.py.

Assuming the above is correct, you can do either of your suggested 
mappings for the muffin at petdiabetes.net list with the addition that 
mappings like

('muffin at petdiabetes.net','muffin at lists.petdiabetes.net')

also require an additional

lists.petdiabetes.net   mailman:

entry in the transport table with the caveat that as with all 
postfix_to_mailman domains, the domain cannot have user addresses that 
aren't Mailman lists.

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