[Mailman-Users] Question about Mailman hosting service.

Joe joemailgroups at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 19:50:41 CET 2014

Hi, Brian.

Thanks for your reply. I will be calling you soon.

I will not disclose the name or e-mail of the IT specialist but his private message to me expressed his concern over the use of cPanel as a tool for the management of Mailman.

Here is an excerpt from the e-mail I received:

Joe, unless you have COMPLETE "List Control", DON'T do it ! ! !

If you think you HATE the "baby sitting" of current set-up, you don't know/fully understand 
the full meaning of HATE ! ! ! 

For over a decade I have prayed to "Hit the Lottery" as very FIRST thing I would do is pay
for Dedicated Server so I could have FULL control without the "Baby Sitting" of cPanel ! ! !

Since I am not an IT specialist I have to ask myself, why would he feel so strongly about this ? What problems should I expect to encounter ?

Thank you,


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>> Hello, everyone.
>> In my attempt to find a Mailman hosting service I have received a message
>> from one IT specialist advising me to avoid hosting services that utilize
> a
>> cPanel. According to this specialist this is a bad arrangement and one
> that
>> doesn't provide me full control of my lists. Since I am not an IT
> specialist I
>> don't know what a cPanel is or how this can be a problem. Can any of you
>> enlighten me ? What is a cPanel, why can this be a problem and how would
> it
>> not allow me full control of my lists ?
>> In addition, what problems should I expect to encounter in hosting my
> lists
>> with an outside Mailman hosting service ?
>> Thank you in advance,
>> Joe.
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> Hi Joe:
> I think we discussed your mailman needs a couple of times over the phone.
> cPanel is a webhosting control panel that is very popular (for good reason)
> among web hosting companies and it includes the use of mailman.
> cPanel is typically used within a shared hosting environment and I believe
> it has done a lot in getting mailman into the hands of many list users.
> Because of the nature of a shared hosting environment, typical mailman users
> would not have access to the mailman server itself in order to make any
> customizations such as searchable archives, etc. However my company hosts
> over a 1000 mailman lists on our cPanel servers and our list clients are
> very happy with the arrangement. But YMMV.
> If you have not required backend access before to your mailman server then I
> would think you will not have any problems utilizing a cPanel enabled
> mailman service. I would be interested in hearing some details of your IT
> specialist's reservations of cPanel and mailman.
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