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> Hello, everyone.
> In my attempt to find a Mailman hosting service I have received a message
> from one IT specialist advising me to avoid hosting services that utilize
> cPanel. According to this specialist this is a bad arrangement and one
> doesn't provide me full control of my lists. Since I am not an IT
specialist I
> don't know what a cPanel is or how this can be a problem. Can any of you
> enlighten me ? What is a cPanel, why can this be a problem and how would
> not allow me full control of my lists ?
> In addition, what problems should I expect to encounter in hosting my
> with an outside Mailman hosting service ?
> Thank you in advance,
> Joe.
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Hi Joe:

I think we discussed your mailman needs a couple of times over the phone.

cPanel is a webhosting control panel that is very popular (for good reason)
among web hosting companies and it includes the use of mailman.

cPanel is typically used within a shared hosting environment and I believe
it has done a lot in getting mailman into the hands of many list users.
Because of the nature of a shared hosting environment, typical mailman users
would not have access to the mailman server itself in order to make any
customizations such as searchable archives, etc. However my company hosts
over a 1000 mailman lists on our cPanel servers and our list clients are
very happy with the arrangement. But YMMV.

If you have not required backend access before to your mailman server then I
would think you will not have any problems utilizing a cPanel enabled
mailman service. I would be interested in hearing some details of your IT
specialist's reservations of cPanel and mailman.

Brian Carpenter

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