[Mailman-Users] POSTFIX_ALIAS_CMD run once?

Gary Algier gaa at ulticom.com
Thu Jan 2 15:42:16 CET 2014


I just installed a new Mailman (2.1.12) server on Centos 6.4.  I used the 
POSTFIX_ALIAS_CMD mechanism to automatically process the aliases even though I 
am using Sendmail (8.14.4).   I have it invoking:
	/usr/bin/sudo /etc/mail/import-mailman-aliases
which runs:
	/bin/cp /etc/mailman/aliases /etc/mail/mailman.aliases
(This idea came from: 

This works, but I noticed that it invokes newalias once for each Mailman list. 
  This seems to be because genaliases runs the command once with one list, 
then again with two lists, again with three, etc. until all the lists are 

I am concerned that if I add a new list to Mailman just as email is coming in 
then it could be rejected because many of the aliases will not exist for a 
short time.

Does anyone know of a way to only do the newalias command when the supplied 
file is complete?  Or can the genaliases mechanism build the whole file before 
calling the POSTFIX_ALIAS_CMD just once at the end?

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