[Mailman-Users] POSTFIX_ALIAS_CMD run once?

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Jan 3 18:13:06 CET 2014

Barry S. Finkel writes:

 > Is it too much to expect an OS vendor to keep packages current?

Yes, it is.

Both in practice (nobody actually manages it), and in principle (there
are very high costs to doing it and nobody's willing to pay them).

Even distros like RHEL can't afford to have everything up to date,
especially when "up to date" means different things to different
people, and, in fact, to different applications -- often enough one
runs into situations where one mission-critical app demands version x
of a library and another crucial program wants version x+2 of that
library because the API changed.

Rather than pay for a distro where *everything* is up-to-date by one
definition or another, it's typically cheaper to get a solid but free
(in both senses) distro and build your *mission-critical* programs
from source.

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