[Mailman-Users] POSTFIX_ALIAS_CMD run once?

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Jan 3 21:52:31 CET 2014

Barry S. Finkel writes:

 > When I was working as a systems programmer with an IBM mainframe,

Interesting anecdote, but it addresses the wrong end of the issue.  We
already know that distros should keep their packages up to date.  The
question is why that doesn't happen.  This:

 > When I was managing a Mailman installation, I kept Mailman
 > up-to-date, because I never knew when one of my lists would
 > encounter a bug that had already been fixed.

leads to a more interesting question: And to which distribution did
you contribute package control files to allow all the users of that
distribution to benefit from your work?  And did they immediately
install them, or did their QA group dither about testing them for

What we try to do in XEmacs is allow the upstream developer to commit
directly to our package repository.  But even then not all do, and we
don't really have a QA process (except for beta testing, so in
practice we're never out of beta for most packages :-).  Few users are
willing to contribute maintenance, although many contribute "first
draft" patches and even whole packages.

It's not an easy problem.

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