[Mailman-Users] configuration glitch causing mail delivery fail

Steve Lindemann steve at marmot.org
Wed Jan 8 00:18:11 CET 2014

I recently moved my email server (with mailman) onto a new server with a 
different host name.  In previous moves the server name was always 
email.marmot.org (which has an mx record).    The server it's on now has 
a different name and does not have an mx record.  I did add the old IP 
address to the public interface so DNS still points to that box as the 
mail server and by the name email.marmot.org and I have that in /etc/hosts.

Unfortunately when mailman sends messages they fail to deliver to most 
of the list subscribers and the maillog shows that the helo used is the 
actual name of the server, not the name of the email server.  Naturally 
the receiving server disconnects when the names isn't right.

I could understand this with the move to the new server except every 
where I know to configure this (both postfix and mailman) I have the 
name email.marmot.org configured as the URL of the host.  Regular email 
works fine from that box, just mailman is having a problem sending.

Does anyone have any idea what I'm missing?
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