[Mailman-Users] Newsletter Blast sending duplicates to subscribers

Doug Hutson doug at mrdirectint.com
Wed Jan 8 17:03:12 CET 2014


We've been using mailman for quite a long time now, and suddenly the 
last newsletter we sent out sent duplicates to random users as far as I 
can tell.

All the people that have e-mailed us about this issue were specifically 
yahoo addresses.  Reports of 4-50 duplicates per user were sent to 
them.  We only have one list of users we send users to, and this is the 
first time this has ever happened.

I have a few accounts added to the list myself, and my aol account did 
not recieve the email at all.  Previously the aol account received the 
messages, I had a couple of the newsletters in my account still unread.

So, my question specifically... does anybody have advice in what I 
should look for as to why this happened?  I read a post from 2002 that 
was somewhat similar to this issue, but it had to do with not haveing 
enough memory... and currently my server has 53gigs free, so that 
couldn't be the issue... unless of course you have to 'allocate' memory 
to mailman in some config file.   We have about 12k users on our list.

Thank you in advance, and let me know if I lacked some details to help 
solve my issue.


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