[Mailman-Users] Alternative authentication mechanisms for Mailman

Rainer Hoerbe rh at identinetics.com
Sun Jan 12 14:51:48 CET 2014

If one is using mailman in an environment that has some identity management system, such as Kerberos, a SAML federation or OAUTH, mailman should be integrated into such an single sign on system to get rid of passwords.

Although I hear rumors that CERN di such an integration for shibboleth, I could not find anything on the web, because it is so hard to google for a search term containing "mailman". Also, I did not find a hint on lists.org.

Does anybody have a link to answers on questions like this:
- How to do container-bases authentication for mailman? (e.g., use apache authentication like mod_ssl or mod_auth_kerb)
- Is there an integration fo mailman with shibboleth or another SAML product?
- Did someone integrate OAUTH2 or some social login (FB/LI/G+/TW)?

- Rainer

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