[Mailman-Users] Admin vs moderator...

Richard richard at KarmannGhia.org
Tue Jan 14 20:09:55 CET 2014

Hi Folks,

I have a moderator who's a bit hard to communicate with. She's new to the 
moderation game. I can't make her an administrator because it would be too 
risky - she'd likely screw it up because she has no idea what she's doing 
yet. And, I'm behind a firewall and she's on the outside, and I haven't 
time to figure out how to get mailman to present all the external names, 
though she CAN get where she needs to go. Adding to the difficulty is that 
the list is fully private...

I'm writing because she is so confused over the distinction between admin 
and moderator. The presumption in mailman seems to be to use administrator 
everywhere and only references moderator in a few places. ...I looked and 
didnt' find (maybe I'm blind!) a page that could help a moderator know 
how to do what they can do. She got logged in once but then was having 
trouble finding where she gets to subscription rules so she can ban 

Is there any place I can point her that will help clarify this - I don't 
have time to babysit her, and I can't see exactly what she's doing nor 
give it to her because all the system names are different - so I 
constantly have to translate for her! Help!

Thanks guys n gals,


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