[Mailman-Users] having bounced messages delivered to administrator or sender

Hugo Vandeputte hugo.vandeputte at bleu-pastel.org
Sun Jan 19 10:49:34 CET 2014

Le 18/01/2014 22:34, Mark Sapiro a écrit :
> Hugo Vandeputte wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I used mailman recently for a new mailing list, and after some time I
>> discovered that bounced messages are not delivered to the sender or the
>> administrator. In my memory, they were delivered in older installations
>> of mailman.
>> Is there an option to configure such delivery?
> If bounce_processing is Yes and bounce_notify_owner_on_disable is Yes, the
> bounce that causes the user's bounce score to reach the threshold and
> disables delivery will be attached to the notice to the admin. Other
> bounces simply increment the user's bounce score, and that fact is logged
> in Mailman's bounce log, but the bounce message itself is neither saved
> nor reported. This has always been the case in standard Mailman 2.1.x.
Thanks for your response. I tried to disable bounce_processing and 
others options but never received bounce reports. If it's the normal 
behavior for mailman 2.1.x, it's ok, I will just use a batch scanning 
postfix logs...

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