[Mailman-Users] Mailman Issues and How to debug?

Srinivas B. srinivasb at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 14:54:20 CET 2014


We have the following environment:

Amazon Linux 2013.09
mailman 2.1.12

This is a new server that was recently setup with few mailing lists.
Running into few issues that were never seen in our old server. All the
mailing lists are created brand-new on this server.

On a daily basis we get reminders about pending requests for each of the
mailing list.
Clicking on the link: lists.<our domain>/mailman/admindb/mem says "The
requested URL couldnot be retrieved".
  - The following error was encountered "Zero Sized Reply"
  - This very URL works fine at other time(s) but sometimes it doesn't
>From Virtualmin UI, the mailing list manager says "no pending requests" for
any of the mailing list that sent the notification.

A couple of members complained that they received the same mail multiple
times - more than 10 times - but none of our test-accounts seen this issue,
so can't tell what went wrong.

Is there a way to check if everything with mailman is setup correctly and
no issues are seen?

Thank you for any insight and direction you may provide.


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