[Mailman-Users] postfix errors

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Jul 19 20:57:49 CEST 2014

On 07/17/2014 08:43 AM, Jimmy wrote:
> I am still working on this new mailman system and seeing these errors when
> an email is sent to the system. I've googled the errors and haven't yet
> found anything that helps. Any ideas? Thanks
> 2014-07-17T10:38:52.635273-04:00 listservhostname postfix/pipe[13803]:
> fatal: get_service_attr: unknown username: list
> 2014-07-17T10:38:52.666526-04:00 listservhostname postfix/smtpd[13799]:
> disconnect from unknown[]
> 2014-07-17T10:38:53.637115-04:00 listservhostname postfix/qmgr[13725]:
> warning: private/mailman socket: malformed response
> 2014-07-17T10:38:53.637153-04:00 listservhostname postfix/qmgr[13725]:
> warning: transport mailman failure -- see a previous warning/fatal/panic
> logfile record for the problem description

I'm really guessing here, but it looks like postfix is attempting to
deliver this message via a 'mailman' transport and is piping the message
to the transport (postfix_to_mailman.py ?) and there is some issue
because there is no user 'list' in the system.

If this doesn't help, please provide more detail as to your postfix
configuration. E.g. things like the output from 'postconf -n' the
non-comment contents of /etc/postfix/transport and the definition of the
'mailman' transport from /etc/postfix/master.cf.

Also, see the FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/EYDt>

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