[Mailman-Users] Erratic mail delivery times

Russell Woodford rdwoodford at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 13:38:24 CEST 2014

Hi Peter, Mark and all

I think I may have the solution now (Peter is one of our list moderators).
My web host is now telling me that there is a 200 emails per hour limit for
my hosting plan. We have 1140 subscribers. That means we blow the limit out
of the water EVERY time someone posts!

I'm not sure why they have taken so long to tell me this, as we've been
running on this host for over 7 months, but it seems they throttle the
outgoing mail volume, so it can take a while for all those recipients to
get each message. I suppose it depends on overall server activity - if
nothing else is happening, then maybe a new message does get straight to
1140 recipients.

Looks like we will need to shift to a new listserver and maybe even a new
webhost - and maybe even a new domain registrar (I've had all my eggs in
the Namecheap basket for some years now).  Somehow I don't think I am going
to get away with this volume of mail for the $50 a year I'm currently
paying :-(

Russell Woodford
Geelong, Australia

On 18 July 2014 11:20, Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> wrote:

> On 07/17/2014 05:01 PM, Peter Shute wrote:
> >
> > I've now enabled protocol logging on our Exchange server, a new world
> for me. I can see several possibly relevant events in yesterday's logs that
> look like this:
> > 2014-07-17T07:02:03.914Z,NUWVICMS2\Default NUWVICMS2,08D145520008BC68,24,
>,,>,550 5.7.1 Requested action not
> taken: message refused,
> This is a 550 (extended 5.7.,1) status which is a permanent failure.
> This is a bounce and will (should) not be retried by the sending server.
> I doubt that this specific log message has anything to do with your
> delayed messages.
> > But if the antispam software is refusing the messages, how do they
> eventually get through?
> Exactly.
> You could look at the logs on the sending server to see
> what that server did with this message after it was bounced by the
> exchange server.
> If the Mailman server is sending directly to the exchange server and
> that is where the delays are occurring, you need to look at the MTA logs
> of the Mailman server and see what's there relevant to sending failures
> and resends.
> But, this thread no longer has anything to do with Mailman. Perhaps you
> could find another list/forum to discuss this that might be able to
> provide more expertise in this area.
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