[Mailman-Users] Erratic mail delivery times

Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
Tue Jul 22 03:50:47 CEST 2014

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> IIRC the big difference between 2.1.17 and 2.1.18-1[1] is that in
> 2.1.17 the DMARC-mitigation features[2] are applied to *all* 
> posts, whereas in 2.1.18 you have the option of checking the 
> DMARC policy and only making those ugly changes to posts 
> *from domains with a "p=reject"
> DMARC policy* (requires an additional Python package to make 
> the DNS check for the policy).

That was my impression too. It sounds less disruptive, but I wonder if the resulting variability of behaviour of Reply and Reply all would just cause confusion.

Peter Shute

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