[Mailman-Users] emails with extension .se rejected

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Jun 4 17:08:20 CEST 2014

On 06/03/2014 10:02 PM, M Winther wrote:
> Pipermail 0.09 (Mailman edition).

This has been the archiver for Mailman since 1.0. It says nothing about
your Mailman version.

> If I use any of my my Swedish email addresses (.se) my messages keep
> bouncing on account of "iajsdiscussionlist.org: DNS server failure."

This is not a Mailman issue per se. It has to do with some MTA between
you and iajsdiscussionlist.org. If I had to guess, I'd say that for some
reason, the outgoing MTA for your .se addresses is unable to
successfully find the MX and A records for iajsdiscussionlist.org.

> Yahoo groups intermittently has the same problem. However, in this case
> the messages just disappear.

That's probably Yahoo discarding the message as spam.

> So I must use my google email address. I
> have always had this problem with my ".se" emails. Sometimes when
> posting to a journal, for instance, my message is regarded as spam. I
> suppose it has to do with the fact that ".se" is not a known American
> state.

I doubt that.

> I have also observed that messages from other contributors never arrive
> in my inbox, although they appear in the archive. But this occurs more
> rarely.

That is probably due to some filtering in your incoming mail chain.

> The list software also tends to corrupt messages in the archive by
> inserting digits instead of characters (for citation characters, etc.),
> when the user is *not* using plain text with "dumb" citation signs, etc.
> I suppose this has to do with the moderator copying a big message for
> the sake of reviewing, and then posting it without regard to the format.

It has to do with the character set of the original message not being
compatible with the Mailman character set of the list's preferred language.

> In messages of mine, citation characters (right arrow) are sometimes
> randomly inserted. I use plain text that is line wrapped. Moreover, a
> drawback is that messages cannot be removed afterwards. I don't know how
> professors, concerned about their professional reputation, can tolerate
> this. After all, when partaking in discussion lists, we sometimes say
> things which we later regret, on account of changed views, for instance.

These are all things that can only be addressed by the administrators of
the servers and Mailman installations that you are posting to.

See the FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/2YA9>.

Part of the issue is probably that you are posting to English language
lists and Mailman's character set for English is us-ascii. Thus
non-ascii characters get garbled. Also, I don't know if this is your
issue, but much email software, not just Mailman, inserts '>' in front
of any line that begins with 'From ' to prevent it being interpreted as
a *nix mailbox separator.

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