[Mailman-Users] adress on same server cannot send to list with thunderbird on port 587

Jérôme Fabre travail at jeromefabre.fr
Sat Jun 21 14:44:07 CEST 2014


I use mailman on a server that hosts all my mails for some domains. 
system is release 3 ovh based on Centos6.
with thunderbird (or any other mail client), i use port 587. But with 
this configuration, i cannot send emails to my list. I recieve an error 
message from the daemon saying "user unknown". I think postfix search a 
user in mailboxes and don't consider mailman.
If i change the port for 25 in the smtp configuration of thunderbird, 
ervery thing works fine. But i really want to use 587.
(i have a webmail on this server that can post to the lists, external 
domains can also post)

If someone knows how to fix it, thank you...

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