[Mailman-Users] DMARC handler

Mark Rousell markr at signal100.com
Sun Jun 22 03:35:38 CEST 2014

On 22/06/2014 00:04, Ron Guerin wrote:
> I'm struggling to find a palatable solution to the configuration of a
> list, and the new Yahoo-style DMARC problem.
> The list has mung on, as well as Reply-To: set to the list.  The end
> result is nowhere does the original sender's address appear in the
> messages, when having them readily visible is the desired behavior.
> I was wondering about asking someone to make a Mailman handler that
> would re-write the From: address after munging to:
> 	Jane Doe (jane at example.com) via listname <list at example.net>
> My question now is, is there any reason why re-writing it this way would
> be a bad idea?

Notwithstanding the three comments above mine, all of which point out
that this is a bad thing, there is a certain irony that what you suggest
here is very similar to what Yahoo Groups does for its mail lists.

Here are the relevant lines from two recent Yahoo Groups mail list
posts, one with a name in the email's From field, one without (both
edited to be generic):

X-Original-From: original-author at authordomain.com
From: "original-author at authordomain.com [a-yahoo-group-list]"
	<a-yahoo-group-list at yahoogroups.com>
Reply-To: a-yahoo-group-list at yahoogroups.com

X-Original-From: a real name <a-name at a-domain.co.uk>
From: "a real name a-name at a-domain.co.uk [a-yahoo-group-list]"
	<a-yahoo-group-list at yahoogroups.com>
Reply-To: a-yahoo-group-list at yahoogroups.com

As you can see, they don't put the original author's email address in
brackets but they do put the list name in square brackets, and enclose
the comment section in quotes.

They have also added the X-Original-From header.

Yahoo Groups always seems to (and always did) set the Reply-To back to
the list address.

I have to say that this approach reads well to the human eye in my
opinion, even though it still results in two email addresses ending up
in the new From field.

But if Yahoo does it that makes it ok, doesn't it? ;-)

Mark Rousell

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