[Mailman-Users] A DMARC munging issue ... ?

Malcolm Austen malcolm.austen at weald.org.uk
Wed Jun 25 23:41:27 CEST 2014

I won't call this a bug but I think it's an issue :-)

This is with 2.1.18-1 which my provider updated to a few weeks ago.

I have (via the GUI sender filters) dmarc_moderation_action set to 'munge  
from' and yet a post from aol.com went through unmunged (and caused 100+  
subscribers to be disabled).

I think (but may be wrong) the problem is that I also have(had) a spam  
filter set to catch all posts from ISPs with a bad spam/hacking/leaking  
history. This holds everything that matches:


So, it appears to me that being held by this spam filter and then released  
by a moderator results in the message escaping the DMARC munging :-(

My guess is that this is a natural consequence of the ordering of  
processing actions in the pipeline rather than a bug but it would be good  
to have confirmation from those who know the code.

Thanks in advance, Malcolm.

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