[Mailman-Users] custom message for banned address

Jim McKinney jmck at ece.cmu.edu
Mon Jun 30 18:57:32 CEST 2014


We're currently running Mailman 2.1.12

I have been asked if we can customized message for addresses that are
banned on certain lists, similar to the ability to customize
postheld.txt for specific lists.  We have a group of lists that we would
like to limit membership to our domain but would like to have a little
more explanation than the default message provides.  For the general
case the default is fine, but for a subset some customizing would great.

I did some looking around in the source tree and this doesn't seem that
this is possible, but I don't claim to be a Python expert, so it seems
worth checking.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.


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