[Mailman-Users] Changing Archive Frequency

Sajan Parikh sajan at parikh.io
Wed Mar 12 22:40:42 CET 2014

Sorry.  Just realized there was a arch file in the bin directory.

./arch --wipe [listname] did the trick.

Sajan Parikh

On 03/12/2014 04:34 PM, Sajan Parikh wrote:
> I'm running Mailman 2.1-3 on Ubuntu, installed from the repositories.
> I changed the archive frequency on my list from daily to monthly and
> noticed that the actual archive web page has not updated.  It still
> shows the previous messages by day.
> Assuming that it will be monthly from here on out, is there any way I
> can regenerate the previous archives and have them show monthly as well?
> Thanks.

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