[Mailman-Users] Reducing false positives with spam markings with Gmail, etc.

Cedric Knight cedric at gn.apc.org
Fri Mar 14 23:16:36 CET 2014

Stephen J. Turnbull <stephen at xemacs.org> wrote on Wed Nov 20 2013:
> Steven Clift writes:
>  > Thanks Stephen.
>  > 
>  > Are most mailman hosts finding their mail in Gmail heading to the
>  > "Promotions" tab or "Forums" optional tab?
> I don't receive any Mailman mail at my Gmail address, so I can't say.
> But hold that thought ... if you don't get any response, I'll ping
> some of my gmail subscribers and ask them.  (Remind me after a week or
> so, I've been unreliable at remembering promises recently.)


I've had complaints about this specifically with list *confirmation
emails* being being misclassified under "promotions", resulting in some
users assuming they are subscribed when they haven't actually confirmed.

There are hints about this change at Gmail at
that it might be a result of the "Precedence: bulk" header added to
administrivia messages.

Any more evidence?  Do any standards help decide if Gmail or Mailman is


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