[Mailman-Users] Configuration of New Mailman Instance

Paul Crown paul.crown at cdp4.me
Fri Mar 14 23:12:02 CET 2014


This is my first experience with installing and setting up Mailman.  My
servers are all Ubuntu 12.04.  Mailman was install to install from

I could use some pointers to where on Wiki, Docs or Archives describing
configuring Mailman.  Most of the help I am reading is for Mailman,
Apache2 and Postfix to all be running on the same server.

My scenerio:

Server W is running Apache2, and my initial config has
http://lists.mydomain.com letting me login as admin and create new lists.
Server P is running Postfix
Server R is my mail-relay for outbound SMTP traffic unique to this domain

No messages are being sent out through R or any other server for that
No messages are being received by P.  (5.1.1 list-email address
rejected: user unknown in relay recipient table.

Any pointers appreciated.


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