[Mailman-Users] 2.1.18 internal documentation suggestions

Larry Stone lstone19 at stonejongleux.com
Thu May 1 05:21:43 CEST 2014

On Apr 30, 2014, at 9:57 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull <stephen at xemacs.org> wrote:

> May as well rewrite the doc ... here goes:
>    from_alignment:  Try to ensure that From is not "misaligned" with
>    the author's domain, to conform with protocols like DMARC.
>    [FIXME: I don't see how to avoid the double negative.  Help?!]

Seems to me saying “Try to ensure that 'From:' is “aligned” with …” does it. I’d prefer to put the header field name in quotes or otherwise distinguish it. Otherwise, it can be difficult to parse - is “from” the header or a preposition.

But, I don’t like “author’s domain”. Who or what is the author? Why not just say “the Mailman server’s domain” since that’s what it’s going to be aligned with. 

>    'no': Do nothing special.  This is appropriate for anonymous lists.
>    It is appropriate for dedicated announcement lists, unless the
>    "From" address is not within the Mailman host's domain.  [FIXME:
>    Maybe None is a better value here.  Of course that's not backward
>    compatible, but with the name change it would be possible to check
>    the old from_is_list.]

None is better. No would only be appropriate if ‘yes’ was the other option. But backwards compatibility is important too (even if it’s not to most large computer companies :-( ).

Larry Stone
lstone19 at stonejongleux.com

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