[Mailman-Users] Add PayPal to DNs publishing DMARC p=reject

Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
Wed May 7 06:25:13 CEST 2014

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> The DMARC WG advocates putting list-post in "From" in place 
> of a DMARC p=reject address.  I advocate accepting their 
> advice for stock Mailman, and avoiding other non-conforming 
> workarounds until the market demands them.  If it gets noisy, 
> feel free to cave in faster than you did on Reply-To munging.<wink />

Can you explain that for the uneducated, please? What do you mean by "list-post"? Is that the list address?

Peter Shute

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