[Mailman-Users] (postfix &) Results of testing posts to yahoogroups from AOL

Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
Mon May 12 06:18:23 CEST 2014

Peter Shute wrote:

> I can confirm that there's been a change. On a yahoo group 
> I'm a member of, Outlook used to say the group messages were 
> from the list address on behalf of the sender's address. Now 
> they just say they're from the list address, although the 
> original sender is listed in the message list. This happened 
> between 9/5/14 and 12/5/14.
> I haven't tried to check what headers they've used to confuse 
> Outlook like this.
> This group has always been configured so that Reply and Reply 
> All go to the list address, but it was possible to construct 
> a private reply manually by copying the sender's address from 
> the top of the quoted headers. You can't do that anymore in 
> Outlook without delving into the original message's headers.

I should also note that in the footer of each message there is a mailto: link that sets up a reply to the original sender. I've never noticed it before, although it's always been there, and I assume this can't be broken by any changes they've done to the headers.

The link doesn't set up the quoted text, just a blank body, so even this isn't a satisfactory workaround.

Peter Shute

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