[Mailman-Users] Logging fail?

Mark J Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Mon May 12 10:40:09 CEST 2014

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 05/11/2014 06:20 PM, Mark J Bradakis wrote:
>> So I update to the latest 2.1.18.  Mailman quits working.  Sure, all the
>> qrunners are running,
>> but any mail to any list just disappears.  Postfix gets it and sends it on:
>> May 11 19:09:51 autox postfix/local[22287]: 2A5C32D60BBD:
>> to=<tn_admin at autox.team.net>, relay=local, delay=0.13,
>> delays=0.01/0/0/0.13, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered to command:
>> /local/mailman/teamnet/mail/mailman post tn_admin)
>> Go to the logs directory, grep for 'tn_admin' and nothing shows up.
>> Where did the message go?  Why is it not
>> getting sent to the list?  Why is there no trace of it in any logs?
> What's in Mailman's error log?


> Is incomingRunner running? OutgoingRunner?

Like I said, the runners are running.

> Is the message archived?


> What's in Mailman's qrunner log?

> What's in Mailman's vette log?


> What's in Mailman's queues (the various qfiles/* directories)?

The message was in qfiles/in and once I reverted back to 2.1.14, rebooted and restarted mailman
it got delivered.

On a possibly related note, when I ran mailmanctl stop the 2.1.18 IncomingRunner did not die.
Doing a kill -KILL on it would kill it, but it would immediately respawn.  After several attempts
to get rid of it, I installed 2.1.14 and rebooted the server.


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