[Mailman-Users] Who authored the message?

Dave Nathanson dave.lists at nathanson.org
Tue May 13 05:45:23 CEST 2014

Since DEMARC we don't know who is authoring list messages anymore. 

I saw a message today sent to a list named "AlmostEverybody". The message author did not properly configure their MUA (Verizon webmail) with their proper name, so the only identifier is their email address. Which is of course now deleted as part of DEMARC compliance. Leaving us with a message and no indication of who sent it. The "From" was merely "Via AlmostEverybody at list.example.com". No name, no author email address. Of course no sig either. 

List members are unable to reply off-list to the author, and they don't even know who the author is. 

Would it be a reasonable feature request to add the author's name & email address as a X-Header? Some of us not only read the headers on a regular basis, but we even configure our MUA to display certain message Headers. (My favorites are Reply-To, X-Mailer, and User-Agent). 

I'd rather not add the author's email address to the top or bottom of the message body, but it seems that some method of identifying the message author is in order. Even if depreciated, X-Headers are obviously still in use, and better then nothing. At the very least adding one more message header won't cause any complaining. 


 Dave Nathanson
 Mac Medix

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